The everyday lives of the poets

The everyday lives of the poets
19 NOVEMBER 2015 by Mia You During Irene Staunton’s tenure as Poetry International’s Zimbabwe editor, she published three remarkable editions of the “Poets’ Diaries,” written by Julius Chingono, John Eppel and Freedom Nyamubaya, which we featured in our carousel a couple weeks ago. Between 2003 and 2005, Poetry International invited eight poets each to keep a weeklong diary, whether they were writing from their small game farm in Mhangura, Zimbabwe, or from Rotterdam during their stay as guest of the Poetry International Festival. These diaries offer exceptional insight in what it means to …

Poets’ diaries: Iman Mersal
by Iman Mersal A week in the life of Egyptian poet Iman Mersal, during the 2003 Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The first episode in our new series of poets’ diaries: “You just read a poem on Marx. Are you a Marxist?”

Poets’ diaries: Nicolás Suescún
by Nicolás Suescún “No country is freer,” writes Colombian poet Nicolás Suescún about the Netherlands, where he spent a week during the Winternachten Festival. “The low cultural level in Colombia – caused by poverty and inequality – is the main …

Poets’ diaries: David Malouf
by David Malouf Distinguished Australian writer David Malouf, back in his native Brisbane for the Queensland Poetry festival, observes through the city of his childhood, Australian art, opera and poetry: “New and unexpected views is what you come to look …

Poets’ diaries: John Tranter
by John Tranter Ern Malley, the Halloween Parade and quite a few book parties: Australian poet and Jacket magazine editor John Tranter visits New York. “Australia’s most celebrated military engagement, Gallipoli, was a bitter defeat; our most …

Poets’ diaries: Amina El Bakouri
by Amina El Bakouri In this “Poet’s diary,” Moroccan poet Amina El Bakouri muses about maternal love, terror and the role of poetry in her life in Rabat. “The artist today needs to contribute to bitter reality a measure of the creative …

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