Melpomene in the blue of Van Gogh’s starry night
Sarah Howe
(Hong Kong, 1983)
by Kate Potts Sarah Howe is a British poet, academic and editor. Born in Hong Kong to an English father and Chinese mother, she moved to England as a child. Her poetry is precisely painted and aesthetically striking, often grappling with, and delighting in, problems of cultural identity and representation. Like Kei Miller’s explorations of hybridity and cross-cultural identities, Howe’s poetry is inventive, erudite and highly playful, engaging the reader with its passion for language’s intrigues and inadequacies. Howe’s first book Loop of Jade (Chatto & Windus) …

Mandy Coe
(United Kingdom, 1957)
by Cheryl Moskowitz Mandy Coe is the author of six books: four collections of prize-winning poetry, one graphic novel and one non-fiction book Our Thoughts Are Bees (co-written with poet Jean Sprackland), on working with writers and schools. She is a staunch educationalist and believes that ‘Poetry for children brings literature to life and into our lives in a way no other genre can.’ 

Fran Lock
(United Kingdom, 1982)
by Katy Evans-Bush Fran Lock’s poetry takes its cues from a broad swathe of sources, ranging from Irish and traveller cultures to Jacobean drama. Her strong political sensibility blends with folklore, Classical influences and a rich seam of English literature to create an exuberant and musical poetry. After making a name for herself in the London open mic and spoken word scenes, in 2014 she won the Ambit Poetry Competition and placed third in the 2014 National Poetry Competition. Her second collection, The Mystic and the Pig Thief, was one of the last solo collections published by Salt, in …


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