‘To live in a state of flux’
Jan H. Mysjkin
(Belgium, 1955) Jan H. Mysjkin, poet and writer, leads a semi-nomadic existence between addresses in Paris and Bucharest. He studied film production at the RITCS in Brussels, followed by philosophy and literature at the Rijksuniversiteit (State University) in Ghent. As a poet, he has consistently pursued a course that focuses on the experimental, linguistic aspect of poetry. He made his debut in 1985 with Vormbeeldige gedichten (Exemplary poems), which included an afterword by the experimental writer Ivo Michiels. An identical affinity with experimental writing is evident not only in the poems …

Albert Bontridder
(Belgium, 1921)
by Patrick Peeters Albert Bontridder is an architect and poet. He was on the editorial team for the innovative magazine Tijd en Mens, which played an important role in the introduction of modernism into poetry and literature in Flanders. In 1951, he debuted in French with the collection Poésie se brise (Poetry is breaking) and in Dutch with the collection Hoog water (High tide). His breakthrough came in 1955, with his socially-committed poems about Willie McGee in Dood hout (Dead wood). 1973 saw the publication of his first collection of poetry Gedichten 1942-1972

Roland Jooris
(Belgium, 1936)
by Mischa Andriessen Roland Jooris was the director of the Roger Raveelmuseum in Machelen-aan-de-Leie until 2005. Roger Raveel himself was a painter and sculptor, a profession that Jooris has followed with keen interest and empathy throughout his career. In his poetic work too Jooris has often turned to the world of the arts for inspiration. One of his earliest poems was about Paul Klee. He has also written poems about the artists Constant Permeke, Giorgio Morandi, Raoul de Keyser, Robert Morris, Richard Long and, of course, Raveel himself. He has also written about composers and musicians such as Anton Webern, …


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