The 46th Poetry International Festival
Justyna Bargielska
(Poland, 1977)
by Maria Jastrzębska Born in 1977, poet and novelist Justyna Bargielska has published seven poetry collections and two works of fiction. She is twice winner of the Gdynia Literary Prize -- in 2010 for her poetry collection Dwa fiaty (Two Fiats) and in 2011 for her short fiction, Obsoletki (Born Sleeping) -- and, among many other awards, winner of the Rainer Maria Rilke poetry competition in 2001. In an interview with scholar Adam Nawarecki, she has described the dual role of the poet as being, on the one hand, a pregnant patient prodded by doctors when her baby’s heart beat can no longer be …

Pierre Alferi
(France, 1963)
by Jan H. Mysjkin Pierre Alferi was born on 10 April, 1963, in Paris as Pierre Derrida. Originally it seemed that he would follow in his father’s philosophical footsteps when he published Guillaume d’Ockham, Le singulier (1989), a heavyweight …

Lionel Fogarty
(Australia, 1958)
by Michael Brennan Lionel Fogarty is one of the best known contemporary Aboriginal Australian writers. For some thirty years, he has been excavating a space in which his community and culture is recuperated and asserted, while also subverting and destabilising …

Durs Grünbein
(Germany, 1962)
by Karen Leeder Born in Dresden in 1962, Durs Grünbein is the most significant and successful poet of his generation in Germany. A modern poeta doctus, his streetwise, ironic style belies at first the deep seriousness of his project and the emotional …

Guo Jinniu
(China, 1966)
by Brian Holton Guo Jinniu, born in Hebei and now living in Shenzhen, was a migrant worker in South China, where he worked for a time at the Foxconn factory: one of his jobs there was the installation of safety nets to stop employees committing suicide by jumping …

Barbara Köhler
(Germany, 1959)
by Mischa Mangel / Heiko Strunk Barbara Köhler is undoubtedly one of the most important and influential poets of her generation and has received many prizes and fellowships for her work. Barbara Köhler encounters the objects in her poems with a high degree of linguistic …

Peter Verhelst
(Belgium, 1962)
by Cathérine De Kock For poet and novelist Peter Verhelst, creation equals destruction. His motifs and images interlock, repel and cancel each other out. Verhelst’s work is immune to notions such as unity and comprehensibility; rather than taking the reader by …

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