Revolutions in word and image
Paul Demets
Belgium, 1966 Paul Demets made his debut as a poet in 1999 with the remarkable collection De papegaaienziekte (The Parrot Disease), published by the Dutch publishing house Meulenhoff. In those years, the poetry scene in Flanders was divided between advocates and opponents of what is commonly called "postmodern" tendencies in poetry. Unintentionally for the writer, this volume became a significant subject of controversy between the arguing parties, but nonetheless it was awarded the Poetry Prize of the Province of East-Flanders and nominated for the C. Buddingh’ Prize, an award for the …

Lies Van Gasse
Belgium, 1983 Lies Van Gasse made her debut in 2008 with the collection Hetzelfde gedicht steeds weer (The Same Poem Over and Over Again), which immediately captured the attention of readers and critics. Trained as an artist, Van Gasse often collaborates on art and poetry projects, such as Waterdicht (Waterproof), in which she illustrates a text written by poet Peter Theunynck. She also creates her own combinations of text and image, in what she calls “graphic poems;” in Sylvia, she disperses her verses with, over and in between drawings made with thick, black ink.

Images of a journey
by Mia You Poetry International is pleased to congratulate our director, Bas Kwakman, and current featured poet from Belgium, Lies Van Gasse, on the publication of their collaborative poetry/essay/art book, Een stem van paardenhaar (A Voice of Horsehair), by …

424 students kick off LTAB 2014
On Thursday, 9 October 2014, Poetry International and the Kenniscentrum Cultuureducatie Rotterdam (KCR) recommenced the spoken word poetry project “Louder Than a Bomb.”

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