28 JUNE 2016 by Jan Baeke Poetry International's 47th edition focused on the theme NEWSPEAK: How do poets interact with ideologically loaded and infected language? What can poets do with Urban Language; language that springs from the blending of cultures and languages, enriched with new uses of language, taken from pop culture and internet?

"Listen to what other people think”
by Laurens Ham Recently, I saw an intriguing artwork by the Chilean-born American artist Alfredo Jaar. It was a large black canvas with only three words on it: ‘other people think’. Jaar inspired his work on one of the earliest texts of composer John …

by Jan Baeke Language. We think with it, we write with it, we talk with it – and about it. There are good reasons to talk about language on a Poetry Festival. nThere are quite some language issues poetry brings along (like the use of tropes, metaphores, …

by Jan Baeke Poetry, a language-conscious genre par excellence, always relates to its subject matter through the possibilities of language. Language is never random, never a chance catch from the inexhaustible reservoir of words and phrases. Any poet who seeks …

Viral poems
by Kila van der Starre In 1877 Thomas Edison famously recorded sound for the first time. The original recording didn’t survive the test of time. However, in 1926 he repeated the original words he said during the first recording. The first words ever recorded were …

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