Read My World, ‘write in your face ’

Read My World, ‘write in your face ’
1 OCTOBER 2015 by Mia You The third Read My World festival takes place this week in Amsterdam, in the Tolhuistuin along the Ij. From 1-3 October, festivalgoers will have the opportunity to attend poetry readings, concerts, panel discussions, film screenings and experimental performances by an expansive and electric group of international writers. In previous festivals, the focus has been on Arab and Caribbean literature – this year, Read My World invited two guest curators, writer Bernice Chauly (Malaysia) and blogger/translator Kadek Krishna Adidharma (Indonesia), to put the spotlight on South East Asia.

Kim Moore
(United Kingdom, 1981)
by Tsead Bruinja Kim Moore lives in Barrow, Cumbria, England. When you walk down her street, you can see the ocean between the houses. She is the daughter of a scaffolder from Leicester. She was born there in 1981 and inherited a beautiful ‘common’ working class accent from her parents. When she says ‘water’, you hear ‘wha’uhr’. Many teachers tried to get her to unlearn this accent, thankfully to no avail. I got to know Moore in Fermoy, County Cork, Ireland, and was immensely impressed by the poems she read from her chapbook If we could speak like wolves.

Ricardo Domeneck
(Brazil, 1977)
by Frank Keizer Ricardo Domeneck (Bebedouro, 1977) is one of the most prolific and versatile of a generation of younger poets from Brazil. He easily moves between a variety of media, including books, video, performance, music and visual art. Apart from being a poet, he also works as a critic and translator. His translations include Frederike Mayröcker, Jack Spicer, H.C. Artmann and many others, published on the regularly updated online literary review Modo de Usar (Manual), which he co-edits with Marilia Garcia and Angélica Freitas. He is one of the co-founders of the Berlin-based artist …

Bernice Chauly
(Malaysia, 1968)
by Read My World Bernice Chauly is a writer, poet and educator. For over 20 years, she has worked extensively in the creative industries as a writer, teacher, photographer, actor and filmmaker and has won multiple awards for her work and her contribution to the arts in Malaysia.


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