Bernke Klein Zandvoort en Samantha Barendson

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Bernke Klein Zandvoort and Samantha Barendson

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The poetry of Bernke Klein Zandvoort and Samantha Barendson stays close to reality, but this same reality proves to be a very elusive phenomenon for both poets.
Klein Zandvoort aims her gaze at all that which we see around us, at the details of everyday life and the sometimes remarkable melting of phenomena and thoughts which occur to us upon looking around.
For Barendson, the failure of memory and the need to reconstruct the facts and images of things that have been lost are key in her work. She tries in her poetry to avoid oblivion.
Bernke Klein Zandvoort brings an awareness to her readers, teaches them how to observe, what the effect of observation can be, whereas Samantha Barendson displays the struggle with things that are missing. Both poets write poetry which allows us to see how we feebly attempt to try and capture what we see, and what we would like to remember, in hopes of a deeper understanding and whilst realizing that perhaps, we cannot expect more of language than its understanding and its capacity to describe that hope.

Language: Performance in Dutch and French, with Dutch and English subtitling.
Q&A in spoken English. 
Duration: 45 minutes

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Photo: Fred Ernst

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