Juana Adcock

Juana Adcock

Juana Adcock (Mexico, 1982) is a poet and translator of Mexican descent who resides and works in Scotland. In 2016, she was named as one of the ‘Ten New Voices From Europe’ by Literature Across Frontiers and she has performed at numerous international festivals. Her readings are often accompanied by musical performances and carry audiences to new heights. Adcock has written in a very poignant way about the many forms that violence currently takes in Mexico in her Spanish language collection Manca. Her most recent collection, Split (2019), about migration and those who live separated by borders, is written in English, but the influence of Spanish is subtly present in the work.

> Watch her performances at Poetry International Festival 2021:
The Voices of Poetry
What You Will Hear Is True: conversation with Carolyn Forché, Juana Adcock, Alfred Schaffer
Radna Fabias and Juana Adcock
Finale: What You Have Heard Is True

> Read and listen to her poems 

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LiteraturHaus København - Juana Adcock reading her poem ‘Self-serve slurpee’ (YouTube)

Photo: Rogier Maaskant

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