Maren Kames

Maren Kames

Maren Kames (Germany, 1984) is a poet and translator who debuted in 2016 with ‘Halb Taube Halb Pfau’, which earned her the Düsseldorf Poetry Debut Prize and the Anne Seghers Prize. In 2019 her first collection, which is more of a long, polyvocal poem, “Luna Luna” appeared. The remarkable “Luna Luna” is a capricious and somewhat dark text, which moves across the thin line between death and trauma, and speaks often of loss and pain. Maren Kames creates a cosmos instead of a story, and this world, which has been struck by the moon and consists of pop lyrics and plummeting poetic structures, is not easily processed. In a mix of analyses, enchantments, hyper-ironic wordplay and associations, Maren Kames manages to chart the elusiveness of existence.

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Maren Kames 

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Photo: Rogier Maaskant

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