Tagelyk: Nyk de Vries & Artvark Saxophone Quartet

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Tagelyk: Nyk de Vries & Artvark Saxophone Quartet

Festival opening and world première

The start of the 51st Poetry International Festival will be marked by the world première of a unique music and poetry production composed and written by poet laureate of Friesland Nyk de Vries and the members of the Artvark Saxophone Quartet. 

Specially commissioned by Poetry International, this 45-minute Dutch/Frisian-language poetry and music production will have you instantly on the edge of your seat. The musical flexibility of Artvark and the narrative force of Nyk de Vries’s poetry promise a mesmerising theatrical experience in which the language and music support and reinforce each other in a synergetic production exceeding anything that either could achieve in isolation: Glass meets Tom Waits / Nick Cave.

The Artvark line-up is Rolf Delfos (alto sax), Bart Wirtz (alto sax), Mete Erker (tenor sax) and Peter Broekhuizen (baritone sax).
Nyk de Vries is a popular literary performer who regularly combines music and visuals with his poetry.

With thanks to: 
Alida Augusta Fonds / Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds 
Hausta Donans Fonds / Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds 
Fonds Podiumkunsten
Schouwburg De Lawei

This performance can be seen on Friday 11 and Saturday 12 June.

Dates, prices, venue, information

Friday 11 June - 20:00
Saturday 12 June - 20:00
Saturday 12 June - 22:00

- Online (11 June) 
- LantarenVenster (11June)
- Theater Walhalla (12 June)

- Online: € 15.00
- Online Passe-partout (11 - 13 June): € 35.00
- LantarenVenster / Kantine Walhalla: €17.50


In spoken Dutch and Frisian. 
Language no problem.

45 minutes

Essential information
This program can be viewed both online and in LantarenVenster and Kantine Walhalla.
If you have bought a ticket for online, you will receive the link to the streaming in your mailbox.


Extra information
So 6 June - 16:00: online Try out in Schouwburg De Lawei

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Stichting Van Beuningen/Peterich-fonds
Alida Augusta Fonds / Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds
Lira Fonds
Hausta Donans Fonds / Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds
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