Investigator of missing sounds: Raymond Antrobus

Poets on Stage

Investigator of missing sounds: Raymond Antrobus

Poetry reading and conversation with Raymond Antrobus 

Raymond Antrobus made an immediate name for himself with his debut poetry collection, The Perseverance.  The collection – both playful and serious – contains works ranging from tender elegies to his father to frank reflections on (his own) deafness. It raises questions about language, identity, loss, the art of communication, the doggedness of memory, and our human need to connect with one another. The poet was born deaf and, although his condition is now partially relieved by hearing aids, deafness has coloured his experience of the world and his poetry. Antrobus calls himself an "INVESTIGATOR OF MISSING SOUNDS".

During the programme, Antrobus will perform poems and discuss his work and the influence of deafness on his poetry and life with host Kila van der Starre and the audience.

A simultaneous interpreter will translate the programme from English into sign language.

This program can be seen online and in venue LantarenVenster.


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Dates, prices, venue, information

12 June - 17:30

- Online 
- LantarenVenster

- Online: € 7.50
- Online Passe-partout (11 - 13 June): € 35.00
- LantarenVenster: € 10.00

Performance in English, with Dutch subtitling.  
Discussion in spoken English.

With simultaneous signing 
Performance and discussion with Antrobus in English, with simultaneous interpretation in (Dutch) sign language. 

60 minutes

Essential information
This program can be seen online and in venue LantarenVenster. 
If you have bought a ticket for online, you will receive the link to the streaming in your mailbox.


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